Our daily routine, making your world of tomorrow a reality within reach

Together, let's contribute to a better world by paving the way today for future generations. Let's play collectively, learn from each other, and be part of a professional community where confidence in the future guides our actions.

  • Rail Logistics Europe takes action in the face of climate challenges
    The ecological transition can only be achieved through the decarbonization of our freight transport, where rail is the leading player!

  • Rail Logistics Europe makes gender diversity one of its priorities
    Present in all business lines, all branches and many subsidiaries, a network of ambassadors is committed every day with determination to making gender diversity a real lever for performance and well-being at work.
  • Revealing Experiences and Talents


    We offer training sessions paid for by us to train you in railway professions following your recruitment :

  • Captrain France: 8 rail professions accessible through training
  • Freight: 3,848 employees were able to benefit from training in 2022
  • Naviland Cargo: 9832 hours of training were provided in 2022
  • VIIA: 8025 hours of training were completed in 2022

  • Making railway professions ever more accessible through our training courses

    Realize your career aspirations by accessing our professions through training courses paid for by us:

  • Captrain France: professions ranging from the field to railway operations managers
  • Freight: 4,275 people benefited from training in 2023
  • Naviland Cargo: 6,227 hours of training were provided in 2023
  • VIIA: on average, in 2023 an employee benefited from 57 hours of training

  • Joining Rail Logistics Europe means being part of a network of internal mobility to continue evolving

    By joining us, you'll have access to all open positions at Rail Logistics Europe in France, internationally and more broadly at SNCF Group level.
    Every day, our HR teams are committed to supporting employees who wish to their skills within the group.

    Revealing Experiences and Talents


    Through our day-to-day commitment, we aim to foster a sense of unity, collaboration and synergy between our activities and businesses. By encouraging commitment and mobility, we create a working environment that fosters individual and collective success, where everyone can make their own contribution. We want to give you everything you need to build a stimulating career in rail logistics.


    By joining Rail Logistics Europe as an employee, you can access all open positions at Rail Logistics Europe and more widely at SNCF level and its other subsidiaries on the SNCF internal job exchange.
    Our HR teams are committed every day to helping employees who want to their skills within the group.